Self Portrait in Marble

Carrara White Marble

20" X 8" X 4"


Jessica Nora.

Louise Bourgeois is known to have said, “An artist can show things that other people are terrified of expressing.”  This one line acts as my strongest motivation in my artwork.  As an artist, I have the ability to bring up uncomfortable and scary topics that others shy away from.  With this ability, comes a responsibility—a responsibility to talk about the uncomfortable things that need to be said.  My artwork examines fear and the internal struggle that is caused by one experiencing a traumatic event.  A traumatic event can be a wide variety of things: being a victim or witness of sexual assault or violence, suffering from a chronic illness, getting trapped in a fire, or many others.  A traumatic event isn’t about what caused the trauma, but about a person’s perceived vulnerability or endangerment.  What all people who have experienced traumatic events have in common are the emotions that come afterwards.  These resulting emotions are the focus of my work—the uncomfortable topic that needs to be shown.